Smartphones are an indispensable ally in our personal and professional life….and also when it comes to being sustainable. If you already carry your own food container and carry your own reusable cup then it is time to get to know how to adapt best friend (phone) to sustainability. The more you know, the better the world will be. There is a list of apps that are packed with knowledge in how you can make a greater impact on environment:

  1. Hoopla

Hoopla is one of the apps I can’t stop telling my friends about. You can instantly borrow free digital movies, eBooks, music and more 27/4 with your library card. Listening to the latest bestselling novels for free? – Yes please! The best stream for the long car rides!

2. JoinIn

Personally found this app quiet smart cause it is like Sustainable Facebook cause it applies the core idea ‘think global, act local’. It basically reconnects individuals and organizations who want to build a better environment.

3. Love Food Hate Waste

Another app which helps to understand how massive is the impact of the food we consume and how much food is wasted every day.

4. thredUp

Probably my favourite. It is the worlds biggest online fashion resale with over 30,000 brands. It is not only sustainable, it also saves time, furthermore you can easily sell your stuff and get money from it.

5. OfferUp

Lastly this app is the biggest marketplace for local buyers and sellers. We all have those things in the back of our closet that we never use *cough* purse I accidentally ordered two of. Here is the chance to rid yourself of rarely used items and find something useful for yourself, cause someone might have exactly what you want.

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