Recycling a single 330 ml aluminium drink can saves enough energy to power a TV for over 3 hours

Have you ever heard about the bystander effect? Yes? So, don’t fall into that trap of inaction. * for those who don’t know what it is – bystander effect is a phenomenon which is explained by psychologists which claims that the greater the number of people present the less likely people are to help a person in distress *

However, the person in distress in this situation is put planet Earth. It is not a secret anymore that global warming is happening because of human actions that harm the environment and human inaction….which also harms the environment. Soooo, lets all be aware and finally take responsibility and take action; * don’t be like: ‘people already doing it, why should I?’. Just get that freaking reusable cup. You are not going to get osteoporosis because its too heavy to carry it, but we will get wildfires, earthquakes, floods and tsunamis if you will use plastic.

Does going plastic free, or purchasing a reusable cup, or greening your home really help the environment. Welp…..if we all do then the ‘big’ footprint will be ‘small’ footprint. And small is better than nothing 🙂 Long story short, 1 million marine animals are killed every yer by plastic debris because it is more comfortable for us??? Or because: ‘Oh well, it makes no huge difference’?

Care about the planet and planet! Use sustainable products, get to know better what are the possible ways to make your footprint smaller, to decrease the amount of death caused by satisfying human ‘needs’ (p.s: which are indeed not needed). Save the planet!

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