Am I the only one or you guys also have thought that you will be using your Quarantine time in order to develop and improve your skills?

Welp, I thought so as well. Unfortunately, once the quarantine started I understood what is actually self-development and how hard It is to manage your free time when you have lots of it. I thought I am an introvert even though I work in the costumer service and spend 90% of my time outside. Now, while spending 90% of my time at home I can sincerely say that I miss people. Do you feel the same? Do you feel like it is a hard time and impossible to stay inside? Here are some things you can do:

  • Read, read, read and read. There is so much information available online. Try to read some funny vlogs, cause there is enough of depressing information on news.
  • Explore your creative side: try to draw
  • Pinterest: create your own board
  • Do some yoga: wellness is important and should be calming
  • Home Spa: there is so much stuff you can do while being at home (I personally started doing nails and extensions as well as nail art), masks from oats, strawberries and anything you can find in your fridge will calm you down, feel special and overall increase your ability to reconnect with the social world and decrease your level of anxiety
  • Cook: its time to try to learn how to cook (+once this quarantine will be over it might even become a money saving solution. P.s.: for me it worked quiet well)
  • Just pour yourself a glass of wine and try to do something.

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