the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will start.

Robert Swan

It seemed to be almost impossible to find a simple answer for such a complex and context-specific question. However vegan living can help to meet the requirements for sustainable development.

In 20th century we still have poverty that should be reduced. Our standards and understanding of the successful living are high. Plant-based lifestyle can play a role in order to mitigate environmental problems and ensure sustainable development.

Probably every child was taught to eat ore greens and oatmeal for breakfast …. welp, at least that is how it was in my culture. My parents brought us to McDonalds once. The dishes were not all plant based, however home-cooked and soups and salads were cooked on a daily basis. We all know how rich in nutrients leafy greens are, however not all of us know that protein rich plant-based foods can actually reduce poverty and undernutrition by increasing the intake of calories and undernutrition.

It is not a secret anymore that usage of animal for food is one of the leading causes of the environmental problems which also became the reason why United Nations Environment Programme recommends people to reduce or eliminate animal protein from their diets. Factory farms are catastrophic for the local environments. Because one of the goals of sustainable development is to protect water sources the decrease in production of animal-based products for market should be seriously considered by world leaders, however by initiating this idea through small communities and local businesses can already be a step towards sustainable development.

By incorporating the idea of plant-based foods in local coffeeshops can be beneficial to promote the idea in local communities, however can be an idea for being exceptional on the market and expand further the idea of change towards sustainable development.

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