1. Know how much energy costs: First and foremost need to mention that energy costs a lot. Don’t think it is going to be a surprising that energy is the biggest cost. Different facilities and different equipment takes different amount of energy.
  2. Understanding energy bills: consulting an energy supplier can actually reduce costs . (p.s.: I did not know I have to do taxes till the last month my friend told about this).
  3. Label switches: another saving tip for those who own the business. Informative employees is the base of the income.
  4. Install only energy-efficient light bulbs
  5. Use hibernation mode: when you are away from your desk, make sure of the hibernation feature to ensure your computer and all of the other equipment consumes less energy.
  6. Replace desktops with laptops: laptops consume considerably less energy than desktops. If a lot of desktop computers are used in your office considering upgrading to laptops.

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