Peer Review 2:

Hello, I honestly enjoyed reading Emma’s posts. I love her sarcastic and honest story about herself. ‘Typical sleep deprived university student’ – that made me smile cause I can correlate. The storytelling is really good because the audience can correlate and connect and make that emotional bond work. The writing style is what I REALLY ENJOYED when opening the postings. The website is well-structured, was even thinking to steal some of ideas, such as creating a tab with link ‘-‘ and ‘+’ when the post is open. When looking at the content I can say that it was interesting and valuable information, because I am one of those people who opens Netflix, scrolls all offered movies and then closes the computer because I get tired of trying to choose, haha. Loved how everything is structured as well. And it is easy to follow and understand the website because everything is on its place.

Peer Review 1:

NCARS is a great website so far. When I opened the page I felt the clarity, minimalistic and high-tech texture. The colours that are chosen for this website are great in my opinion, black color makes everything looks good and pure. On the picture we can only see the lights…..which I indeed have seen before. Reminds me of Porshe advertisement. On the website you can see that some work definitely has been done. First page is divided into sub-groups and you have three bottoms in the main menu which are well-chosen as well. I also like the sans-serif font that was chosen. Correlates with the topic and gives it some kind of futuristic vibe. As for me, the page works visually perfect so far. As well as I like the idea of a magazine/news only centred around electric cars. I think it can actually be a great/hot topic according to our environmental issues. In other words, it can be one of the solution to solve global warming if we promote electric cars and give a perspective for future. It can be even better if the logo will be more outstanding, such as Teslas. However need to mention that the Logo works great for me too. It was a smart idea to say ‘individuals’ instead of people (which is one of the advertisement strategies to individualize the product). Overall, the idea an the mission were quiet clear.

Peer Review 3:

For my final peer review I am going to go through Cristina’s blog about fashion, beauty and lifestyle called Cristina Isabella. I want to say that once you open her website the color aesthetics are beautiful and its extremely pleasing to look at. She did a really good job by choosing sherif font for her name (which in my head has interconnection with fashion brands or fashion magazine), as well as sans sherif for her menu bar which makes the page look clear. 

When looking at the content….I actually went through every post, because we are all girls I guess, haha. The content is valuable and can be easily monetized.  You can see that she is passionate what she is writing about.  It is a great blog as well as I enjoyed the structure of it, the color palette. The content made me stay on this page for at least 20 minutes which is rare. 

I think that she is doing a great  job and has to keep up. 

I don’t know if I can add anything else to this because so far it seems like she is on the right track!