Today we went through how to address the audience and accumulate the information according to your audience; The Creative Commons Tutorial gave a bigger perspectives on opportunities we have for creating our own website. s well as given extra time gave more opportunity to fill up the content and work on my website.

Process Post 2

Today we discovered some of the basic knowledge needed to work in creative commons in order to create something for our own topic and website. Media commons gives a lot of opportunities which can be helpful when creating something personal and authentic; It opened my eyes that everything is possible if you have a wish to Mae something creative. I was trying to find out how to work for editing and recording my own music, which turned out not as easy as I thought.

Process Post 3

Today’s lecture was on how to address the audience and find the appropriate market for a particular content. How to create a brand, in particular how logos are designed and the plan of what we should think of step-by-sep when creating a logo for a particular brand. Typography and color match. On of the interesting facts from was that big brands can own their own color, which I need to say was indeed surprising for me.

Process Post 4

During this week we were going through some google analytics and talks how to increase the amount of audience for a particular websites. How to set up goals. How to look at your audience fro the other angle, how to place information. Basically I learned that it is important for the writer/blogger to place oneself as audience and see if you value the information you read. Also we looked at the social channels which are available to represent my brand which I have never heard of.

Process Post 5

Today we looked at how to tell a story in order to attract the audience. We looked at the PIXAR structure of telling a story. Basically the structure was presented through starting points of the sentences. Such as Once upon a time_. Every day_. Once day_. Because of that_. Because of that_. Until finally_. This structure makes sense to me and now I understand the importance of storytelling in business and the importance of word overall. As Simon Sinek claimed, people buy not what you sell but rather how you sell it. During tutorial we went through CSS basics and the important things that can be done with CSS, such as moving margins and changing spaces.

Process Post 6

Today we talked about the content marketing, editorial and advertising. How to reconnect with people and what can be a great idea to promote your own idea, your own website. Content marketing can be sponsored (the brand creates the content) or it can be created in house. Editorial is the content considered as news, information, reportage. Unbiased and uninfluenced by financial or reward incentive. Where advertising is the the purchased space. It can be visual, audio or even text to promote the brand. From todays lecture I have learned that content is important and how much influence from sponsors and advertisers is important for promotion and it is all about communication and connection.

Process Post 7

During this lecture we gained a lot of knowledge about marketing and how to make sure the audience gets to know about your website and product. The most important (not surprising) is to make sure you engage in your community and you can offer something in return if you want to set up a deal with other services, organizations or bloggers, who can not only promote your website or product, but also give you access to other sources, website or organizations. The more people know about it, the better. Overall there were quiet a few interpretation, such as in-kind and etc.. However it all follows the same idea that connection and the knowledge how to make that connection is the base for a successful promotion of your product or and idea that you are trying to spread.

Process Post 8

We explored the advertising opportunities. How Google makes money on PayForClick. When someone clicks, you automatically receive money. The content which is being used is the only thing which can be guaranteed to stay on Google Adds and attract more audience. Google advertising is one of the marketing tools which can be used.We explored the best strategies of monetization, how to commercialize the website as well as how to make the sponsor content. It is also possible to gain some income and invest into your advertising through popularizing someone’s content. Furthermore, it is possible to choose the specific content you like, the one that might suit your website. Monetization is only one part of the marketing for the website, however it should be looked at social aspects because it will all fall on your marketing.

Process Post 9

Today, during the online lecture, we explored the SEO, which is all about google to notice you, give you more attention and figure out ways to stay on the horizon in our to attract greater amount of audience. In order to be notice it is important to maintain a good reputation. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows to be searched by the audience, it is a system which allows to be searched by the others through the key words. Every search engine has an algorithm how to turn an information in order to be the higher range engine. Most of the big ingredients are words, titles (in the code), links between websites matter as well, the words that are used in links matter as well because it is a relation to other reliable sources. SEO matters because it allows to find the audience at the first place.

Process Post 10

During todays lecture we went through the plan for the next few weeks. It is important to keep everything on track during this uncertain time. As well as the lecture slides make us explore how huge brands covered and responded to COVID-19. The social media aspect was explored as well. In general it was quiet informative and planned which give me an idea of further steps and plan for the next few weeks.