My own corporate backstory starts from nay childhood. In Ukraine people do not care about sustainability and the first time I saw people separating garbage was in summer 2014 when I moved to Germany. Every day I saw people throwing filer cigarettes on the street and every day I was watching news and listening about the natural disasters happening because of human beings being violent and egoistic. One day I was obligated to take an elective course at university and I chose environmental science which in consequence became one of my favourite subjects and one of the reasons I am vegan and try to follow 0 waste lifestyle. Until finally I have researched that by informing people and making them aware of their choices the world can be changed.  My goal is to encorporate the idea of minimalism and spread the idea of sustainable life through all businesses such as coffeeshops. 

The Distributrice covers a lot of topics such as small tips, food, recipes, home decor and sustainable life. We want to connect with you, spark creativity in your own life and fill life with joy!

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