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Climate-friendly cooking

I have been always experimenting with food and switched different diets, tried pescatarian, then vegetarian, vegan, intuitive eating, intermittent fasting, however it is always different every time I cook. Today I will share some of my favourite recipes which are climate-friendly. Honestly, I think there should be a diet named climate-friendly diet. Diet contributes a …


The Issue of Successful Development

We often measure success with income and education, which are indeed the main indicators for social class in many researchers which examine the social class inequality and its relation to different behaviours. Unfortunately in the capitalist society the consumption requires the exploitation of labour, such as coltan mining which includes child labour and human rights …


Eco-friendly Tips for beginners

You are important because you can make a difference. It is all about small action which world really needs. Here is the list of where you can start: Take shorter showers Eat less meat (p.s.: will definitely save you money) Turn off the water when you brush your teeth Try to make your own bath …


Sustainable Life

Smartphones are an indispensable ally in our personal and professional life….and also when it comes to being sustainable. If you already carry your own food container and carry your own reusable cup then it is time to get to know how to adapt best friend (phone) to sustainability. The more you know, the better the …